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I just built a 3D printer. Here is why,  

(Image: it means for A Tribe Called Cars  and the things I have printed so far.  

Years ago, when 3D printing was so young it  struggled to grow a beard, I wrote an article  

about the best 3D printers money could buy. Some  looked amazing, all metallic and shiny. While some  

looked like a school project gone wrong. One  where the teacher was inebriated throughout.  

Weirdly enough, that particular printer – the  Prusa Mendel – is the successor to what I just  

emptied my bank account on. Now it is time  to meet my lovely gathering of black metal,  

orange plastic and confusing circuirtry. Yes, the super secret gadget thing mentioned  

in numerous videos is the Prusa MK3S+. One of the  best 3D printers for consumers. Not the Mk4, which  

I expect to be released soon because Sod’s Law. Now, most of my family think I am mad for  

buying a 3D printer. However I know for  a fact that my gadget-loving grandpa – a  

fellow photography and audio nerd like me  – would have been as intrigued. I mean, the  

possibilities are endless. Well, almost. I mean, scientists are printing organs.  

For the body, that is, not a church.  Although you could probably print those too  

if your printer was big enough. If you have ever built a PC or played  

with Lego or Mecanno, maybe not Duplo, you  probably could build a Prusa MK3S+ yourself.  

And given the price of some of the  more exotic Lego sets, afford one too.  

Between opening the sizable cardboard box like  it was Christmas day and turning it on without  

causing a fire or postcode blackout was around  nine hours. The record is four apparently.  

Admittedly, I did make two mistakes  that meant some minor disassembly.  

Why did I choose to build my 3D printer  and not have it delivered already made?  

Because it means learning how a 3D  printer works. Already in a month  

or so I can diagnose numerous printing issues.  But the main reason is that it saved me £150.  

Prusa is the brainchild of Josef Prusa, who  comes from the Czech Republic. Home of Tatra,  

as SnowRunner fans may know. I picked Prusa  because, despite costing more than its rivals,  

you supposedly spend more time printing  and less time troubleshooting.  

And with my schedule making YouTube videos,  updating my website, learning to play the  

Ukelele (okay that one is a lie) and trying to  start a super secret side project I figured ease  

of use was important. I have officially reached  the age where I simply want things to work.  

Why did I buy a 3D printer in 2021? Good question.  Firstly, I have waited about a decade to do so  

and I am fortunate enough that I  was able to afford one. Just about.  

The second reason is that I want to diversify  A Tribe Called Cars and 3D printing crosses  

over nicely. Without giving too much away,  I mean some of you may have a rough idea,  

I think fans of SnowRunner and other driving  games will enjoy the related content.  

There is also a chance that I could sell some  cool 3D printed things in the official Tribe shop  

that exists on,  but I have not added anything to it  

yet. Stay tuned – I have a cunning plan. Two  of my ideas are pretty elaborate. No pressure.  

Anyway, the most important bit of this video. What  have I printed so far and how badly did I fail?  

Well, my first print was this martian keyring  that comes on the SD card in the Prusa MK3S+ box.  

It can go on a keyring, looks pretty cool.  Nothing siezed up or melted. A good start.  

However, I then tried to print the Child or  Baby Yoda as he is better known. Worth a watch,  

the Mandalalorian TV show on Disney+.  Even if you are not mad about Star Wars.  

This model looks good at first glance.  However, this was before I realised I  

could print at higher resolutions so  it is pretty liney. Sorry, Baby Yoda.  

Next issue, you see under his ears and sleeves?  These are called overhangs and you need to use  

something called a support if they are  too long and too steep. Otherwise the 3D  

printer struggles to put the plastic where it  needs to and it sags or looks like spaghetti.  

Baby Yoda’s ears get away with the issue because  it looks like fur. Old yoda has furry ears, right?  

But the sleeves look too bad to be a fabric  defect. I could probably paint it as is  

or spray on some primer and use  sandpaper for a smooth finish.  

Because as someone said, 3D printing can be 90  per cent sanding. I can relate to that already.  

Just like painting a wall, imperfections you see  now you will see later regardless of how much  

paint you slap on. Preparation is everything. Of course, good 3D print settings help too.  

The opposite of what I used for Pikachu Mk 1. No,  he was not dismembered in an industrial accident.  

This is what happens when the  extruder nozzle smacks into the model  

and then moves it so you have to stop printing. Now I print with what is called a brim, which is  

basically a thin layer around the model that helps  it stick to the print bed and has nothing to do  

with fancy hats. Good cleaning of said bed and the  ability to heat it up also helps with adhesion.  

Not to be defeated, here is my second attempt that  has a tail and a base. Same model. I did some mild  

sanding and used yellow primer spray paint. Looks  pretty cool, but I did not sand this for too long  

so there are still some surface issues. This print was more about getting used to supports  

as Pikachu’s bum sticks out quite far – not  fat shaming him, don’t worry – and there is  

a large gap between his tiny feet. I  did not want Yoda Sleeve issues again.  

Weird sentence. I also upped  the detail and used a brim.  

Oh, yeah, can’t show you this stuff yet.  Do not worry, it is not an adult toy.  

My next print was something useful. No offence,  Pikachu and Yoda. Yes, 3D printing requires tools  

and I have enough clutter in my  life so I printed a tool holder.  

The free 3D model from Thingiverse is a  remix of another design. Basically, it  

adds an optional tray area. Comes with holes for  allen keys, screw drivers, can hold a marker pen,  

SD memory cards, glue, pliers, tweezers, brass  brush, IFUN Resin nozzle needle for cleaning and so on.  

It just clips to the frame above the power  supply and that is it. I did zero sanding,  

used something called Prusament PLA for  the material, Jet Black is the colour,  

and I printed at 230 degrees for a shinier  finish. 215 is more common, but it worked nicely.  

I have also done some structural upgrades such  as this slab of orange PETG plastic that helps  

strengthen the frame and improve print quality.  Yes, the shade is different to the Prusa stuff  

because I wanted to test out a different brand. I also printed what is effectively a hat  

for one of the motors that gets  a bit toasty in the summer.  

I will then connect a five volt Noctua 40mm by  20mm fan and connect that to the circuit board.  

Other modifications include new feet that  supposedly help reduce vibration over the standard  

rubber offerings, a cable holder to keep the LCD  screen ribbon from getting caught by moving parts  

and the first of a few drawers that sit neatly  below my £7 IKEA Lack table. Because storage.  

These are pretty cool, you have got the drawer  itself that lives inside a jet black frame.  

Two magnets at the end of the compartment give  it a slightly satisfying closing feel. One of  

the models warped because I had bad settings but  I will make it work. No point wasting plastic.  

So what is next on the 3D print list? Well,  that is a surprise but I will say the things  

will be more fun! And maybe have wheels.  Hopefully you enjoy this side-project.  

It will not affect the usual content so  expect SnowRunner and other driving games  

as usual. Let me know what you would like to see. And that is it for this video, thank you for  

watching. Feel free to subscribe, like and  share. Maybe even give me some suggestions  

as to what I should print.  Until next time! Take care, bye.

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