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(Image: checking of promising valuable matches When potential “promising tip” is found, it’s necessary to double check the information are correct, and prove that odds changes are actually caused by team situations and other external arguments. It is important to check in several sources, for example: confirm info about changes in the match squad and players off on the soccerway portal (on particular team's page the tab: Squad). Look in detail checking every player in terms of the number of appearances in matches, age, latest scored goals, etc. Verify info on team webpage and Facebook account. If you bet on games from lower unknown leagues, it's worth to check your team Facebook accounts where are pre-match reports and line-ups are stored. This step is crucial, in the time of “fake news”, the target is to confirm one more time found valuable tip.

- In-depth knowledge of investing, finance is not required for gambling business. Taking into consideration the investment strategy used for betting - the basics of math is required, long time spent looking for sports facts, high quality data analysis are sufficient to start gathering returns on your money. The method of valuable tips presented on the website football forum, describes step by step process in finding worth to invest in bets proceeding with them, giving the appropriate stakes, so the capital you contribute has the greatest chance of multiplying.

So this is why ideal standard procedure is to initiate ticket with only 1 match on it. That’s why removing of unnecessary risk coming from a lot of games. Only one game slip is under greater control, punter can take into account and analyse into details information only on this game. As an result of such an analysis If there is no trusted information behind such an match – this shall to be removed from slip. Really good example of professional matches analysis is stored by professional players on football forum

nThe most important types and methods of placing the tips are listed next to. All kind of other bets can be successfully listed in the best bookies listed into football forum portal The events from the top world soccer competition can have a lot of types, such as the particular number of corners, last goal scorers. Some time ago you could even find a bet offer – “who Luis Suarez will bite in the match ahead”. The number of bets offered in sub-league is a little bit limited and in clear cases, direct home vs away is only valis. First main Bets (Moneyline) Start with the basic some kind of slips that do not require any additional explanation: direct winner, loser, draw (1×2

Thinking about point #one if you like feel emotions, be fascinated with the game, you are primarily guided by your feeling or club sympathy. It doesn't matter if you lose, First is to have a fun. There is nothing more than say you good luck, nice party and great successes.

nLive betting football forum Most bookmakers offer the possibility of introducing a slips on matches that have already begun. During the meeting, the odds is fluctuating depending on the what’s going on between the rivals. The benefits of placing capital for an ongoing event are listed below. One thing, if you hesitate to invest on your favourite team, the first minutes of the match will certainly clarify your thoughts. Next argument for placing coupons into ongoing matches is exchange rates. Analysing arguments that favourite for the match is different than initially selected, really close before start, it is worth to wait for start and put capital in the initial minutes after the odds will change. The next argument for placing bets during the game is reacting to competition on the field and appropriate betting. If the event is brutal, the teams fight for each ball - investment in red cards. If the favourite is really pushing opponent, is giving a lot of shots - it is worth to put money in a certain # of free kicks, etc

Bet win probability estimation, setting the money to bet Money adjusted matrix have to be in use, there are categories with additional circumstances which influencing on the final result in terms of the probability of success. Capital invested should be estimated according to clear criteria that lowering the risk of failure. Therefore, when setting the stake, bellow’s categories should be taken into account. Detail bets creation method is here football forum: For Stake 1-3 – No strong evidence for advantage of particular opponent, impossible to verify found information. Releasing a bet on “Public Experts from TV”. The pounter faith in victory. Referring to the Predicting win of visiting opponents. Faith in break after a series of defeats. Public info about team weaknesses has been available for several days. Friendly match for noting. Betting based only on odds movements without checking the reason. Betting low level leagues – out of top30 based on FiFA ranking. For stakes 4-6 – Betting event which don’t contain arguments showed in previous category stakes 1-3. Proven lack of 3 key players in one team. Betting for home win. Analysis of history matches looking for conditions of series of draws or “connected” matches. If H2H upcoming matches looks to be fixed game or “related” put a bet adequately. For Stakes 7-10: Proven missing of 5 and more key players from one team. Game for high stake. Events from top US leagues. Unexpected team news to situation into match squad 2 hours before starting whistle (ex. Team coach decision to take away half of the key players). Proofed circumstances described in previous category stakes. Proven lack of more than 6 players from squad. “Selling” of the match. Fulfilled conditions for above stakes. We would like one more time mention, check non-stop H2H results between rivals. Exist Teams that have a friendly relation one to another in the way of giving back particular results. It can be checked by analysing historical competition, where specific results cyclically appears. If we have in mind such a result, the match should be skipped or from the other way – just play accordingly. Implementation conditions above and keeping consistency in work, you are minimizing the risk of failure and your chances for taking money back are incomparably greater. Invest info bet The last step of the creating a good analysis is, of course, investing capital the previously estimated stakes. You have to work fast when evidences found is really game echanged and you are estimating to bet with stake 9. Take into account to stay one step ahead of bookmaker in the race for really strong tips. In the worst case, the bookmaker will even remove the match from the offer. It’s good practice to act quickly, looking for events no matter of odds changes, have accounts in different bookmakers and pick this bookmaker who forgot with the odds reduction. But, remember that the beauty of matches stick in the fact that from time to time unexpected outcomes occur. Seriously don’t invest all capital into one strong favourite. Recommended methodology is to split your money and invest at once 20% from total account, so in this case value of 30% of your total money can be stake 10 in our standard work of creation valuable tips.

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